How long for goals to flow into report?

(Chris D) #1

Hello, I’ve been trying out Matomo cloud and love it. I’ve created some goals today and tested them. I can see the goal quickly show up in the Dashboard (within just a few seconds). However, it’s been 45 minutes and goals are not showing up in a goals report i created nor in the Goals --> Overview.

Any points to more reading i should do to understand this better? Is this expected behavior?



(Jason) #2

Hi Chris,

This is the expected behaviour. You can expect a 1-2 hour wait for these reports to be processed.


(Afflospark) #3

I also love Matomo cloud its awesome, Last time when I created some goals and when I see report its take 1-2 hour for me actually I think its depend upon our goals.
So I say to you it’s not unexpected Matomo cloud usually took 1-2 hour.
Hope this will help you.