How is cookie vs cookieless tracking indicated in reports?


how do Matomo reports indicate that a certain visitor accepted cookie consent? In other words, how do I distinguish if Matomo was using cookies for tracking or not?

I know how to do it programmatically in JS , but I was hoping Matomo reports can indicate if visitor accepted tracking cookies or not.

I’m aware of segmentation workaround as defined on help pages (, but I don’t want to split them into segments.


You’ll need a Visit scoped custom dimension for that.

Thanks for the advice, it’s not optimal though.

Custom Dimensions in scope ‘Visit’ can be sent along any tracking request and are stored in the visit. If you set different values for a given dimension during the lifetime of a visit, the last value set will be used.

Using custom dimension I will get last value, but I don’t get all the historical changes. I need to be able that a user changed the consent in lifetime.

For that you’ll need an Action scoped Custom Dimension… but you’ll need to make sure to send that with EVERY hit.

Although Visit scope should be better for the use case IMHO.