How exactly are Uniques, Visits and Views counted?

Heyho everyone,

we are trying out PIWIK on some big sites and we love it.

We only have some problems with the data because it is very different from the results we get from other systems.

So we have some questions:

How are uniques counted?
Every Unique is counted once a day, so says the FAQ. This is done via a cookie, right?

How are Visits counted?
As i understand every UNique is counted as a Visit again after 30 minutes?

How are Pageviews counted?
Every refresh generates a new Pageview, every action on the page a visitor makes is a new pageview?

Thanks for the info,

Greets drknickel


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please check the FAQ before asking questions:

How is a Unique Visitor counted in Piwik?
How is a ‘visit’ defined in Piwik?
Page view: every refresh is page view. Unique page view is counted only once per visit.