How does Piwik track link click events?


I personally do not use Piwik. I have developed a JavaScript tool/library for creating a menu system in SharePoint and someone who uses my library was asking about incorporating Piwik.

From what I have read I can see that Piwik catches/tracks click events. I suspect it does that by default for tags that have a href attribute.

My JS library creates

elements with an onclick event. I’ve read and understand that I can manually fire a click event using Piwik’s trackLink function function. I wanted to avoid doing that for numerous reasons.

So I wanted to see how exactly Piwik tracks click events so I can figure out how I can incorporate it in a more general way. I thought maybe I could make my onclick event fake something by creating an element and executing it’s click event but wasn’t sure if that would work.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

Piwik does not track click events automatically. One needs to call ‘trackEvent’ JS function to track events. find a bit of documentation in: Event Tracking - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Oh. Thanks! I thought it auto-tracked clicks on page load.