How does Event report with custom dimensions look like? Could someone share the screen?

Hi dears!
can someone share how will the report Events with Custom Dimensions look like?
Now we have only three points: category, action, name. We are going to use paid version of Matomo. I migrate GA parameters to Matomo Dimensions.
How Dimensions will be shown in Reports for ex. advert_type or application_type (which advert campany braugth me that traffic; which app was used)

For free you can use custom dimension in such report only by using segments: for example you create a segment on a specific value of this dimension). But I think this is not what you needs…

The other option is to build some custom report:

Some examples here:

As you swiches to a paid version, this premium feature should be part of it.

@innocraft would it possible to display another kind of Custom report, in your demo site, most (4/4) of them are about new / retuning visitors, it could be useful to display an example as @Julia_A needs, as this kind of report is really common and easy to understand…

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Thanks a lot @heurteph-ei dear Phillipe!
Now I have event send_credit_form. Will I see dimensions in this report or somewhere else?

It will be in another place: in the “Custom Reports” menu (but you have to define which data are needed by the report).
You can try the premium plugin for 30 days for free…

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OK @heurteph-ei thanks one more time!
Any way, all my dimensions will be desplayed in custom reports so I could choose them there, yes?

Not all dimensions, only the ones you selected… (when you create the custom report, you decides which dimensions and which metrics you want to display)

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Thank you @heurteph-ei dear Phillipe. Have a good day!