How do I track file downloads?

For example, streaming mp4 videos from the site. I believe that comes up as an “action” in Piwik but is there a way to track directly the file that is being streamed?

Also, I have the GeoIP (PECL) installed and enabled, but I’m not getting any locations other than country (US).

If you use html 5 video there are many media events you can listen to for excellent video analytics.

I don’t know of any automated html 5 video analytics in piwik, like there are for download links (identified with a class)

I have a similar question about file downloads, except I would like to know how to track “Save as…” events via Piwik.
According to the following FAQ entry, links that end with a particular text are automatically counted as “downloads” if a visitor clicks on them (left-click!).
As of now, if someone tries to directly download a linked file (i.e. without left-clickging on the link), Piwik does not report it as an activity.

(I’m new here, so accept my apologies if I was supposed to start a new discussion, instead of adding to this one.)