How do I set up Single Sign On?


I want to provide piwik analytics for more than 3000 users, in which total daily pageview is about 4M. Is it possible to serve this traffic in single machine?

Similar to Sourceforge, I want to let users implicitly sign on piwik dashboard; the user types login information only once. The legacy system(e.g. sourceforge project admin page) and piwik would be in a different domain, but have to share auth status. How do I set up SSO-like authentication?

Q1: I don’t think 4M will make it on a single server. I suggest you try first with 0.5M, then scale up and see how things are doing.

Q2: there is no SSO plugin to use as an example or simply reuse, there is the LDAP plugin:[/url] and the HTTP_AUTH authentication plugin: [url=] which can help. Building a login plugin is very easy.