How do I remove the "income" item?

Neat tool, it does exactly what I was expecting. Thanks.
However, I am not interested in income processing.
Can I remove the column from my daily summary display, please?

I posted my question in the French speaking forum too, as the author seems to be French, but no answer either.
Seems to be away, busy on something else, maybe?

Edit file piwik\plugins\MultiSites\angularjs\dashboard\dashboard.directive.html
Comment out lines 29 to 32 that way:

29<!--        <th ng-if="displayRevenueColumn" id="revenue" class="multisites-column" ng-click="model.sortBy('revenue')" ng-class="{columnSorted: 'revenue' == model.sortColumn}">
30            <span ng-class="{multisites_asc: !model.reverse && 'revenue' == model.sortColumn, multisites_desc: model.reverse && 'revenue' == model.sortColumn}" class="arrow"></span>
31            <span class="heading">{{ 'General_ColumnRevenue'|translate }}</span>
32            </th>

This will remove the header display.

Then, comment out line 82, then move it after the angle bracket which closes the <tr tag, that way:

83            ng-repeat="website in model.sites">
84<!-         display-revenue-column="displayRevenueColumn" (genuine line should go *before* the "ng-repeat" line-->
85		</tr>

This will remove the value display.
Don’t forget to save the original .html file in case…
Do the edit on your PC, then copy the file onto your server in the very same place.