How do I merge data for duplicate country entries?

Greetings! I’ve been using on-premise Matomo for some time now without much trouble, but recently a situation came up that I don’t quite know how to handle.
Basically, I had Matomo running for a period of time, after which I’ve updated user anonymization settings and had Matomo anonymize all past data. This, I believe, caused some of the data to be categorized under duplicate entries for some countries (as you can see on the picture attached, both “Russia” and “Ukraine” have two entries instead of one). How do I merge the data for these duplicate entries, so there’s only one Russia, only one Ukraine, etc?

Thank you all in advance!


Hi @JohnAzzy
I think you track the country by the browser language, don’t you?
Probably there is a difference between russian from Russia (Ru-ru) and just russian (Ru)?