How do I get to the configuration file in config/config.ini.php

Many of the solutions I read refer to making changes to the configuration file in config/config.ini.php. We do not host Piwik on our server. How can I get to this, please?

Who is hosting your Piwik?

I did not set this up, but I was told that when we set this up, we had an option for I think Piwik to host for a set cost per month. We did that instead of hosting on our server.

can you find out who is hosting your Piwik? otherwise we can’t help

Arvixe - is hosting Piwik for us.

Ok great! So in this case, you can contact Arvixe support to make the config file change for you.

Alternatively, when you signed up, you should have received FTP information to the server. Using this FTP details, you should be able to connect to Piwik and then edit the file piwik/config/config.ini.php to modify as per your needs. You can do this using Filezilla software for example. If you cant do it, then please ask the Arvixe support to do it for you, im sure they will help!

Matt, thank you! I will check to see if we did receive ftp information. I appreciate your help very much.