How do I get LOAD DATA INFILE to work on my server? (no success)


Hi Guys,

Today I’ve installed Piwik and its GREAT. I do get one warning which I like to fix, but so far without any success.

In order for me to enable this “LOAD DATA INFILE” I contact GoCaddy (our server is running on a managed environment), however they couldn’t help me and gave me the below answer.

“its looking like grants need to be enabled for load data in file to work. The problem is that root access is cut off for your user do to the managed environment. We also cannot enable local file since it is a security violation. I unfortunately cannot enable grants on a secondary user beyond admin.”

Is there any other way I can sort out this issue? Any turnaround to enable this feature to work? I hope you can help me with that!

Thanks again,

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

This feature works but your host does not support it apparently, Piwik will work fine without it (just Archive data slightly slower…)


H Matt,

I appreciate the quick response. According to the Piwik website they mention if the website has more than 100,000 page views per a month (which is not a lot) so it may be best to enable this feature, which unfortunately I cannot do. Just out of curiosity, what is the difference in terms of speed if this feature is enabled?

Thanks again,

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

it uses LOAD DATA INFILE which loads data all at once rather than do many SQL INSERT commands


Hi Matthieu and others,

after I have read a lot of posts on this topic (LOAD DATA INFILE does not work), I still have one basic question:
Can this kind of data archiving (with LOAD DATA INFILE) work also if Piwik-UI and a DB server are two separate machines?
In some posts there is info that both should be in the same server (localhost).

My setup is like suggested in FAQ 134: a Load Balancer in front of two tracking servers, separate DB server and separate UI server.
Can LOAD DATA INFILE work is such environment?

Thanks for your answers!