How do I exclude particular URL parameter?



I do want to filter URL’s starting with /administrator, /wp-login, /wp-admin, /wp-content, etc, behind my domain name. I have entered these parameters in Exclude Parameter section in Website Management, but still I see for example in my visitor log.

What is the exact line I have to enter and where do I have to enter it in order to not see in my visitor logs?


That isn’t quite what Piwik means by a URL parameter. The parameters refer to things that come after the ? which is why your setup isn’t working.

There are a few ways to handle this. I don’t know if I know the Right way to do it but some options are:
Remove the tracking code from those pages
Create a custom segment that excludes those URLs

I am new to Piwik so I don’t know if there is a better way. The advantage of the segment is that you keep the data if you ever do want it but the down side is that it could be confusing as the base exclusion would need to be applied to all future segments as well.

Personally I would try not to track the data in the first place.
Could you use a URL or cookie based exclusion for that traffic?

How to exclude specific URLs

Thanks for your reply, but I do not use the tracking code. I directly import the log files from my Apache server into Piwik. Somehow, the tracking code does not work for my (https) site. It hardly saw any visitors (only 1 or 2% from the visitors I see now when importing the log files). The only thing is that my pageviews are ridiculously high, because it shows the /administrator, /wp-admin, /wp-login, etc.

Is there a way to filter these urls from my import or in Piwik after I imported the logs?


Can you run the logs through a filter and say use e-grep to purge data requesting those pages?
Might be an issue for images if you are tracking those but it might be a patch given the log file implementation.

(Matthieu Aubry) #5

when running the log analytics you can choose to specifically include some log lines where the URL Path contains a value. see parameters:

                        Any URL path matching this exclude-path will not be
                        imported in Piwik. Can be specified multiple times
                        Each line from this file is a path to exclude (see: