How could I use Matomo to track search facets, filters and result impressions?

Hi guys,

I’m interested in using Matomo, but I’m wondering if it would be a good fit for the following. I am working on a site which features a large search database. You can see it in action here: It’s actually using WordPress. Each watch is of the ‘watch’ post type and each watch can be linked to multiple taxonomy terms. For example, we have a ‘brand’ taxonomy in which a watch may be linked to the ‘Rolex’ brand term. The same applies for all other search facets search as gender, style, size, case material etc. etc.

We need to track the below:

  • How many times users have searched for terms, i.e. how many times for a ‘Rolex’ watch or a ‘Blue dial’ watch, or a combination of search term queries.
  • How many results are returned for each query.
  • Each search result should also track result impressions with each impression being linked to a search and whether or not the impression was clicked on by the user.

What we want to do is track this search data to be able to provide a custom dashboard to analyse this data. The way I see it is that we need to track search sessions and individual searches. An individual search would basically be everytime the user changes a filter and hits the ‘apply’ button (basically every time the database is queried), each of these individual searches would be linked to a search session so we can collate their searches in to one when needed.

I’d appreciate it if anyone could suggest how this could (if possible) be done using Matomo. Any suggestions on how I could improve this are greatly appreciated too. I’ve created a simple ER diagram to suggest how the data model could work.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Many thanks,