How can we get hour based visits details in single campaign

I want to check hour based traffic detail in one of my campaign, how can we do that?

i had created one campaign and tagged with piwik, but i’m only able to see total visits but not in hour based.

Can anyone help me on this?

One more questions - How can we download full day log through piwik ?

Could you specify in more details what “hour based traffic detail” means ? Have you look at the Visitor Log for live data ?

For each widget there is a floppy icon that allows you to download your data in many formats. Is it what you are looking for or do you need something else ?

Hi JulienM ,

Thanks for your replay, i’m looking for something life google analytics data information where you can see which is the peak time in entire day for higher no. of traffic in all campaigns. So, we could target our audience accordingly.


Piwik only provides hourly stats (visits, pages, etc.), but not per campaign. Does GA provide hour based stats for campaigns?