How can I use a translation?


I’ve searched around the site, but could not find any help regarding this.

I’ve contributed to the Greek translation of the Piwik. How can I use the updated translation to my deployed Piwik installation?


If you contribute to a translation using all translations will be shipped with the next release of Piwik.


Thanks for your reply. Obviously the translation will be included in the next Piwik version, but how can I use in my current production site the improvements and fixes in the translation? Isn’t there a way? I checked out the git repository, but instead of php files in the lang/ directory, there were json files. Is there a way to use those?


I’m sorry. But using the current translation files with piwik 1.12 won’t be possible.
We renamend and removed a couple keys that have been used in piwik 1.12.
Running a language file update in 1.X branch would result in losing those translations.

Understood. Thank you.