How can I track social media "share this page" clicks?

I want to have my web team add official Facebook Like button plugin and the Tweet button to our site’s template, with the goal of adding a menu for visitors to share or like the page they’re currently on. But I’m not sure how I would track clicks from Piwik that tell me which article pages in particular were liked or tweeted.

I read an article suggesting I set these up as goal conversions, but I’m not sure it applies to the share features I’m trying to set up (it would definitely work for liking a Facebook fan page with a known url).

Further details if needed: Drupal site

Thanks for any advice. I’m not a developer, but I am working on this project with someone who is.

Currently we dont have a documentation or FAQ explaining how to do this, but we should add it for sure. See ticket: Add FAQ ./ doc to explain how to track clicks on facebook social plugins (like / share) · Issue #2644 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Some companies offer Media Monitoring and Analysis services to to compile and analyze information which is being gathered by traditional and social media content providers .