How can I track a subset of pages?


The main reason I downloaded Piwik (besides the awesome benefit of having all the web surfing data be on our servers instead of google’s servers) was to track a certain subset of pages. Namely, I would like to track all where the 55 can be anything from 1-999+ at the moment the articles range from roughly 1 through 60 give or take a few of the numbers, but as the articles grow I would like it to expand to 100+ and maybe some day 1000+.

In any case, I was wondering how I would go about reporting only the pages that are included in this subset. Of course I could simply write some code that grabs ALL the visitor data, and goes through and isolates all the pages that are /articles/ar-##/ but I was wondering what the proper solution would be using Piwik. I suppose it would be nice to have a pie chart as well that shows the most popular articles for the day/week/month and such.

Could someone get me pointed in the right direction for implementing this. I don’t necessarily need it available for the world, just for personal viewing is fine, but I’m curious how to go about doing this. I’m pretty good with php, and I would prefer to create some sort of php/mysql setup for doing this. Or perhaps adding something to the JS tracking code on the article pages themselves. The article pages are generated dynamically from a database, so I can add something into the tracking code based on the article page…



If you create the pages “dynamically” using PHP, you should be able to only insert the tracking-code on the pages you wan’t to track? Wouldn’t that solve your issue?

Of course given the possibility to “group” pages based on some kind of tag would be great!! But I haven’t seen it anywhere…

You can group related pages using different idsites.

I would like to track the entire site as well as just the articles. So you would suggest creating an entirely new piwik “site-id” and then on the articles pages I would call track pageview twice for the main site id and the articles site id? Hm.