How can I tell if the current matomo server size is not able to handle the traffic?


Hi, I’ve installed matomo on a AWS t2.micro EC2 instance and did some traffic testing and not seeing things weird. I’m expecting to have max several thousands visits per day after launched, which is way below matomo’s sample "Tracking 1 million pageviews per month or less ", and thus I believe the recommended spec is overkilling.

I wonder what would happen if the traffic is over the instance can handle so that I can pick a optimum one.

(Fabian Dellwing) #2

In Matomo there are mainly two bottlenecks:

  • The web server
  • The database

With less than 10000 views per day, no web server will ever have problems. The database itself should also not be a problem, as long as you do not use massive amounts of custom dimensions and segments.

The only thing that could maybe kill a server is a very high IO load, but this will likely not happen on AWS cloud instance.