How can I see the most popular pages without the folders?


I’ve just started using Matomo and I can’t find any answers to my questions on the web.
I’d like to see the most viewed pages, so I go to Behavior > Pages . But there are folders and I don’t understand what they mean. Do these folders correspond to a page? Because I get the impression that it’s a collection of pages.
I just want to see the most viewed pages. Is this possible?
Thank you very much for your help.

Here you go:

And last but not least, you can hover over the table and click the cog icon Cog Icon and select the Make it flat menu item to completely flatten the table results. When you flatten the report, the full URL of every page gets its own row, so you can analyse individual pages instead of grouped sections. .


Page Titles is also a good feature to use - Behaviour → Page Titles
Let me know if you would like to connect and compare Matomo notes

Folders are just there to help you to group your pages. Indeed, most of the time, when 2 pages belong to the same category, they are located under the same path Eg.: https://server/animal/mammal/lion.html and https://server/animal/mammal/elephant.html are located in the mammal folder whereas https://server/animal/bird/parrot.html is in the parrot one. This allows you to compare if you get more visit in one category than in another one…

You can also override this behavior by changing the path before tracking the page:

(same kind of possibility with MTM)

Please note also that for some pages like https://server/full/path/without/explicit/page/name, when other subpages in this path exist, it seems Matomo creates a dummy page called https://server/full/path/without/explicit/page/name/index