How can I see a table of campaigns with referrals when I didn't have any goals converted by visitors?


When I have a goal converted in a certain period, and I got to Goals -> overview and scroll down to “Conversions overview by type of visit” and I select “Campaigns” if I choose the “display a table with visitor engagement metrics” I can see for each campaign expanded tree exactly what the referrer was and all the metrics associated with it, which is exactly what I want:

If I choose a period where no conversions happened that table becomes unavailable. The search engine I am advertising on (Baidu) does not support putting {keyword} macro in your link to be replaced automatically by the keyword a person used or the source website in the case of network advertising, so I am forced to rely on the referrer data. I’ve tried going in to Referrers -> Campaigns but it doesn’t show the data, neither does Referrers -> all referrers (it just shows total visits from the campaign but no data on the referrer itself).

It’s true I can just segment the visitors from the network and then view each of them individually in the visitor log overview, but that’s madness, I want to see it in a table form with average browsing times and stuff like that just like in the Goals -> Overview -> “Conversions overview by type of visit” -> Campaigns table.

Which data are you trying to view exactly? do you maybe want to see the “Referrer URL” for the visitors who came via Baidu?

Precisely, I’m interested in the referrer URL from the baidu campaign visitors. For some reason, they are only available for convenient in-table viewing only in the “Goals -> Overview -> “Conversions overview by type of visit” -> Campaigns” table.

Hi zzx, currently I believe it’s not possible. The feature of Report the list of Referrer URLs for visits categorised as campaigns is not yet in Piwik - feel free to create an issue in our tracker: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Any news on this issue? I also need such an overview: Visits by referrers