How can I recognize Organic link or PPC link

(pinklax) #1

I am working on the functionality by using piwik to differential organic link(The main links) from PPC link(The paid links) at google.

I know the visit.php contains the codes to retrieve info form google search result. for example, I can get the referer_url as…lient=firefox-a

however, the referer_url has nothing to do with my issue, so does anyone know whether piwik is able to recognize each of them?

As i know, when you right click those links, organic link would show:…T-Xnn3D0qqNVtOA

PPC shows:…%2B-%2BNational

([organic]url and [PPC]aclk)
I can use regex to implement it but how can i get those link by using piwik since i can only get the referer_url.


(pinklax) #2

Does anyone has any idea about that?
Or in another saying, can we track Adwords information from google by using Campaign and how?

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

have a look at the ticket for the adword/campaign tracking documentation: