How can I export data to my dashboard?

Hi guys,

I’m new in Matomo so I’m sorry if this question is too obvious.

What I need: to find a way to automatically export my page view numbers to an external source.

I have a dashboard that I crate using my MySQL database with sales and subscriptions, but I would like to add matomo data. Like number of visits in a page x number of sales. I have the number of sales but I have no idea of how I can get the page views numbers to this other database or any source.


You can export any data you can see in Matomo via the Reporting API:

The easiest way is to either use the :export: button below most reports to directly get the corresponding API URL. Or you browse through the API endpoints at https://yourmatomo.example/index.php?module=API&action=listAllAPI&idSite=1&period=day&date=yesterday.