How can a create seperate dashboards for seperate websites in Matomo?

I have 30 websites to track and Added codes to all of them, now it is shwoing all ina single dashboard.But i want to see each website data on seperate dashboard

Hi @Sojy
Did you use the same tracking code (and site ID) for all websites?
If you create one measurable (and set the good site ID in each website tracking code), you can have one dashboard per website.
Also you could use segments to get visits for each websites. But be careful, segments are not filters:

  • If a user 1 visits only site A, the whole visit will be visible in segment for site A.
  • If a user 2 visits only site B, segment for site A will exclude this visit
  • If a user 3 visits site A then site B (within the session timeframe), segment for site A will include pages of site A but also pages of site B (for this visit)