HostGator and Piwik v1.5.1

I had no problems with version 1.5. It ran fine on HostGator, then I upgraded to 1.5.1 and everything stopped.

I have a plan that allows multidomains. I run 6 small site and was tracking them. After the upgrade and failure, I called HostGator and they whitelisted my Piwik service and the domains. But the problem is only partially solved.

Some sites are monitored successfully, those running the Thesis Framework, simple html, or manually modified wordpress themes, however the Headway theme is not being tracked. The tracking code immediately preceeds google analytics, but nothing is reported to piwik while google works fine.

Any one have any ideas, I spent to many hours on the phone with support already and everyone is clueless.

Thank for your help, Wayne

ps, Anyone know where I can download a version 1.5 of Piwik?

Did your error logs provide any clues?

Regarding Hostgator - I know this isn’t the answer you’re looking for but I’d strongly encourage you to find a different host if hosted tracking is very important to you. I experienced large amounts of traffic being missed, and have known others to encounter serious problems running even small amounts of traffic through them. Switching to another shared host resolved the problems instantly.

Here’s a link to 1.5:

The problems with HostGator are fixed. They have a good support system.

The current problem is the Headway Template for WordPress. I am successfully tracking sites using Thesis, HTML5, and generic templates, but my sites with Headway (which I like a lot) don’t track. Has anyone ever run into this problem before? Please let me know how you solved it.


I also ran into problems with 1.51. Not recording data and then started to get some fatal error. I think it was regarding a Piwik Translate class or something. Anyway everything fine after installing 1.5 again.

I have version 1.8.3, I have installed on a sub-domain, all went well, except it is not recording any information. I have included the tracking code under Thesis options, Stats & Tracking options as per the directions I got from Thesis, but I still have no analytical information.

Anybody got any ideas as to what the problem is or what I have done wrong?



See : Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo