Historical data no longer accessible

We have a lot of data in our Matomo instance from websites that have not been actively tracked for a long time. The reports for this are suddenly no longer available, but they are still available in the database in the reports table.
If you want to look at the reports of such a page, you will always get the message “No data has been recorded yet, get set up below”. As if data has never been tracked before.
If the tracking for an old website ID is temporarily restarted, all historical data for this ID is visible again.
Is that a bug?
We have version 3.13.1.

Regards Pete


If you ignore this message, can you still see the old data?

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Hi Lukas,

when I click on the button “Ignore this message for the next hour”, all data is actually back!
Since I was not aware of the effect of this function, I had actually not tried it yet.
Thanks for the food for thought!!!



That’s good news. So it seems like the data isn’t gone, but just the no-data-available message is confusing.

Showing it when no more data is coming might be a good idea, so people notice that their tracking is broken.

I guess something like Allow to disable sites without deleting them · Issue #2121 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub would be great to avoid this.