Historical Analytics Report of any row for my plugin


I tried to make the new feature “Historical Analytics Report of any row” available for my plugin, but it seems that there is a problem. The reports says that there is no data for the graph, but like you see in the background the table has some data (look screenshot).

What could be the reason for this?

Does your Plugin API return a datatable with a column “label” that contains the value that was clicked?
Otherwise you can try debugging the call to API.getRowEvolution called from CoreHome.getRowEvolutionPopover?


yes the label is the same. Debugging brings also no result, but maybe I look at the wrong thing.

But the “normal” plugins have a graph only my plugin has this problem.

EDIT: The problem is not the dataTable, because other plugins printed my data well.

EDIT2: The problem has to be in Piwik itself, because if I delete the Actions plugin and rename my plugin into Actions then it works!!!

Sorry I don’t have time to help with this, but if you can create a simple plugin to replicae the problem, we can take a look. For example the API.php would return a datatable with static data (no DB data) to reproduce the issue.

I’ve probably put a little misleading. I have not developed a replacement plugin. What I meant was that if I give my plugin the name of a core plugin, the “Historical Analytics Report” is displayed. However, if I give my plugin a different name, then it stops working. (The other way too)

So I would say that something is not right in the CoreHome.getRowEvolutionPopover. (Without checking)