High load due to Device Detect feature?

We’ve recently upgraded our huge Piwik installation to Piwik 1.12 and activated the Device Detection feature. Turns out that enabling the plugin will on-demand adding fields within the database. It was defently not nice while our database is nearly 1 TB in size with automatic deletion enabled (realy a huge installation). So after the planned shutdown of two hours for the upgrade we’ve another outage of 2 hours because of plugins actions.

Another problem is that after upgrading to 1.12 our dedicated database server (2 processors with 8*2 core each) is permanently hitting a load of 24 (was 5 with 10 at peaks). May caused by the Device Detection, may caused by Piwik itself. Tracking mostly comes through but the admin/report interface is nearly unusable (database connection timeout, too many connections, etc.).

I’m afraid that disableing Device Detection could again change the database structure so we have another outage.

Can you give me any hints? Will Device Detection change the database structure again?

Interesting report, we did not hear before of performance regression but you have one of the biggest DB around!

You can safely disable the plugin (it will not remove the fields).

If you still have the problem after disabling the plugin, I would be interested to see the mysql slow queries log ?

I just have disabled the Device Detect plugin on the whole Piwik-Web-Cluster (we’ve another Piwik-DB-Cluster). Hope this helps, see ya in about one day or so.

Edit: May be point of interest: DevicesDetection version 1.12-b6 (which comes with Piwik 1.12 stable) - yes it’s a beta… but the reports are accurate :smiley:

First results (too early and may no be related)… Load is between 5 and 10 again.

Is load back to 100% normal after you disable DevicesDetection plugin?

Could you try after 1 day of verifying, to re-enable again DevicesDetection and see if load increases again?

if so we would like to tackle this problem as we hope to activate DevicesDetection by default soon! Deprecate UserSettings plugin -> use DeviceDetection instead! · Issue #3962 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Hi matt. I am sorry but my supervisors have decided to do not let me reenable DeviceDetection. So I can not provice you with any further details you may need :frowning: