Hide Reporting Menu tab depending on logged in User role

Hide to hide specific tabs on the homepage’s left sidebar nav based on the logged in user role i.e. hide marketplace for ‘view’ type of user.


You can use https://developer.matomo.org/guides/menus to not only add entries to $menu in a custom plugin, but also remove ones. Keep in mind that removing the menu links doesn’t mean that people can’t access the sites anymore.

tried this one “./console generate:widget” but it says that I have to enter an existing plugin


To create a new plugin, please follow https://developer.matomo.org/guides/getting-started-part-1

Followed the instruction on creating a plugin and tried activating it. It now says “Plugin ‘MyPlugin’ cannot be found in the filesystem in plugins/ directory.”


Do you have a plugin with the name MyPlugin in your plugins/ directory? Was there an error when creating the plugin? Does the user running the command have write permission there?