Hide items from reporting/sidebar menu

Hi everyone!
I want to remove following items from sidebar or reporting menu for specific customers/users.

  • Acquisition
  • Ecommerce
  • Goals

Can you please guide me how I can remove/hide the above mentioned items for list of users?

@Lukas @heurteph-ei Can you please guide me on above topic? I really need your help.

Hi @Naser_Aslam ,
I am not expert in the development of plugins (because I think you’ll have to develop a plugin to change this behavior).
I found:

Hi @heurteph-ei Thanks for reply, I already seen that links but they are very general, there is no example explained there.

The I could not hid items from side bar menu for specific customers but I am able to at least remove them for all customers.
To remove Ecommerce & Goals, I just went to admin section and deactivate the Ecommerce & Goals plugins.

To remove Campaign URL builder under the Acquisition, I had to do following changes in the code.
Comment following line in the following file.
Path: matomo\plugins\Referrers\Widgets\GetCampaignUrlBuilder.php