Hide IP addresses from users with View access?

Is there a way to hide the visitor’s IP addresses in the dashboard from being viewed by users with View access only - i.e. not Admins?

I think you need to go to:

Settings (top right) > Privacy (left sidebar) > Anonymize Visitors’ IP addresses (page body)

There you can choose how many bytes of the visitors’ IPs should be masked.

Hopefully this is what you need.


Thank you for the reply. As I understand anonymizing the IP’s would actually alter how they are saved in the DB. What I need is to simply hide the IP addresses from showing at all for Piwik users other than the Admin i.e. simply not displaying that info in the Dashboard (except the admin’s), but still saving the IP’s in the DB.

Ah, I see what you mean.

Sorry, but that I do not know about. I guess you will have to have somebody with more knowledge of Piwik answer your question.

Sorry, I can’t be of any more help to you :frowning:


Just giving it a bump?

This is not possible yet, but this could be done by a new custom plugin.