Help tracking page properties

I am looking for the most ‘native’ way to track page properties in Piwik.

For example:

One page on my site may be about “Sam” and also about “Jodie”. I would like to track both at the page level.

Custom dimensions don’t work as each dimension has a single value, and there may be several thousand people that an article can be about. Content tracking seems like a hacky workaround (it’s not a little bit of the page that is about Sam or Jodie, the whole article is about both).

Essentially I’d like to track one pageview for a “Sam” article, and track the same pageview for a “Jodie” article.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe try to as an ‘event’, ‘goal’ or ‘campaign’?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m concerned that each of these are similarly ‘hack-y.’ The most promising being events, however the documentation states “Events are used to track interactions which are not pageviews.”

In this case I am specifically looking to record pageviews. It looks like content tracking is the best workaround available at the moment.

he best I can come up with given current functionality is this:
_paq.push([‘trackContentImpression’, ‘topic’, ‘piwik’, ‘’]);
_paq.push([‘trackContentImpression’, ‘topic’, ‘google’, ‘’]);

If anyone has any further suggestions I’m all ears.