Help tracking code

Hello, my setup is as follows: I have a Synology server on which Wordpress runs, on the same server I also successfully installed the Piwik package. I can regularly access Piwik’s web interface at local hxxp://
My wordpress website, always on the same server, answers hxxps:// Now when I go to Piwik’s settings, getting in from the local address hxxp://, I’m offered as tracking code to embed in Wordpress a code where the item var u is

var u = "// / piwik / ";

Since hxxps:// does not answer anything, if not a 404 error, I wonder if the variable configuration var u of the tracking code, is still valid or should be correct.

Thank you


I am not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve.
Using an local IP like is useless as it isn’t reachable by your visitors. (Unless it is an intranet application)

You’ll have to find out how to reach the piwik login page from outside your local network. You can than use this URL in your tracking code.

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