Help not include stats for developer copy of site


I’ve setup a new websitesite for a client and copied all the files to a subdomain (called dev) so I can continue developing after the site has gone live. I realised that the piwik code in the dev site will add stats to the live site stats.

Is there a way I can not include page views from dev subdomain, only include page views for www subdomain?

My backup plan is to remove piwik code from all the pages on the dev subdomain. I just wondered if there is an easier way.


You can ignore your IP, but you can also indeed not put the code pragmatically when your domain name is detected.

Maybe this helps: You could try and extend the standard piwik tag by a mechanism like this:
“if this code has been loaded from then idsite=2” etc

In that case, the tag is the same in all of your subdomains. I am using that method to tell between test and production installation without changing the code.

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Thanks to both of you, I’ll try these out.