Help needed to start with Piwik on Debian


I am struggling a little to start with Piwik on Debian Wheezy.
I have installed the Debian package piwik 2.2.0-1 according to:

After that I edited the file /etc/piwik/apache.cong to uncomment this line:

Alias /piwik /usr/share/piwik

And then configured MySQL, I restarted Apache and went to this URL:

I had the following problems:
[li] the URL doesn’t work, I had to use explicitely
[/li][li] the configuration went without any problem except that it seems that I haven’t got any CSS or Javascript (the configuration pages were just text and buttong)
[/li][li] Now I got a login/password page at, but my login/password doesn’t work, the button “Lost password ?” doesn’t do anything when pressed and it seems again that I don’t have any CSS
[/li][li] When using the Firefox Developer tool I can see the following error messages:

Use of getUserData() or setUserData() is deprecated.  Use WeakMap or element.dataset instead.
ReferenceError: $ is not defined @
ReferenceError: $ is not defined @

[li] I look at the forum and I saw this post about CSS not workong on Piwik 2.2: 301 Moved Permanently
[/li][li] However I haven’t been able to have any log. I modified /etc/piwik/global.ini.php to add:

log_writers[] = file
log_level = VERBOSE
logger_file_path = tmp/piwik.log

I restarted apache but no file is ever created in /tmp and so I cannot see any logs

I am feeling a bit lost in all these problems just at the very beginning of installation. Can someone give me a hand to get started ?

Thanks in advance !

Maybe you are using adblock or an ad-blocker ?

Also try: Piwik reporting UI doesn't have any css style or, the menu text appears on a white background, or I get JavaScript errors in the Piwik UI. How to fix this display problem? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Yes that was Adblock Plus !
Strange, it’s the first time that I have such a false positive with Adblock Plus.

I also wondered why I couldn’t get any log for debugging ? We’ll see about that next time I have a problem…

I finally managed to install everything with Debian + Nginx. Not so easy but at the end, everything works.

Thanks !

I created a ticket so we can think of a proper way to help users detect this, as i’ve been hit by the issue myself before!

Can I see something in the logs to help me identify the problem ?
I was wondering if this was related to the way I had (incorrectly) activated the debug logging ?

By the way, would you be interested in an update of the Debian page:

I have done the installation from scratch so I can give you the step-by-step instructions and you can include them in the Debian page.



Sure this would be great to have instructoins! please post them as a new ticket in: Issues · aureq/piwik-debian-package · GitHub