Help! My PIWIK just died!

I have had Piwik installed for about a year and have never had any problems.
Today when I tried to open up Piwik I got the following page:

So I removed the file config/config.ini.php (well I just changed the name to temp-config.ini.php so I wouldnt lose it)

Then I got this:

I tried it twice with the same result (i.e. I restored the original config.ini file name).

My mobile gave me this error:

I dont want to lose all my data, can anyone please help?!

You have to get in touch with your server administrator. Seems like your ISP upgraded your PHP version. The following PHP variables are not loaded, thus Piwik can’t connect to your Database anymore.

Great advice tomb!
I have no idea what you were saying but I did just that and the guy pushed some magic buttons and its back again…

Thanks, you rock!