Help configuring MySQL for tracking 6 million page a month

I am running a 4GB / 2 core linode with only PIWIK installed to track a single website with 6 million pages (and growing fast) a month. We are also running GA but would like to switch to PIWIK if this test goes well

Any idea how to best configure MySQL for optimal performance.

This guide does mention how to tune but not in relation to something like PIWIK

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Piwik mentions several techniques for “large installations”, which would certainly fit your scenario and should be your first course of action. Cron jobs are involved.

Second - have you identified any problems? Some tools like Phpmyadmin or MySQL workbench can give you some insight in to the behaviour of the mysql part of your server. Try to identify slow queries and use EXPLAIN.

You could consider something like Nagios which has plugins for Mysql.

Thanks Stefan,

Nope no problems yet. I am just installing. It’s not actually operational yet.

We do use Nagios on our managed servers (also the website I want to track with PIWIK). For this test I have set up a machine myself though so no Nagios. Was wondering if the configuration (out of the box) would work in this particular situation. 4GB and 2 cores should definitely be more than enough (I assume), but a bit of finetuning doesn’t hurt.

I will check what techniques PIWIK suggest first.

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Debe de realizar los implemento correspondiente piwik es lo mejor para ayudarte