Help Configuring a Goal/Funnel for a Specific Report

Hey All,

Looking for some help setting up goal tracking by page. Any advice would be appreciated

What I am trying to achieve - a report where I can see goal conversions by page URL using first touch interaction. I primarily want to see, of the visitors who entered the site through the blog, how many are then moving on to complete a form fill on our “request a meeting” page. With this I would ideally be able to see how many conversions were driven by organic site discovery through the blog and how many conversions each blog article is contributing to

I believe I have the goal/funnel set up correctly, but I am not able to find a view where I can see conversions by page using first touch/interaction attribution.

  • The multi-touch attribution section under goals only shows conversions by search engine - where I want URLs

  • The corresponding funnel for my goal only shows overall completions with no options to set attribution type

  • I created a custom report (that has yet to populate data) that I think might give me what I want, but then again there is no options/filters for attribution in the set up page, so I’m not sure if that will work the way I want it to

I’ve included details on the goal, funnel, and custom report below for context

Goal is triggered > when visitors > send an event > where the event = form submission


  1. Path contains > /blog

  2. Path equals > /form-page

Custom Report

  • Dimensions

    • Entry Page URL

    • Page URL (included this to see if it ends up being different than entry page)

  • Metrics

    • Visits

    • Conversions for “Custom Goal”

  • Filters

    • Channel Type > is > search

    • Entry Page URL > contains > /blog

Hi @mikeshaw18
As this question concerns Funnel and Custom reports premium plugins, I’ll let @innocraft reply…

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Hello @mikeshaw18. For us to investigate on this further. Could you please reach out to us at and please send us the following:

  1. Link of this forum page
  2. Full screenshot of your Goal configuration.

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Thanks! Sending now.