Help adding a new domain on a different server

Hi. I already have a working installation on one server and three domains which I am keeping… but I purchased an additional hosting plan for another website which I now need to track. Can I track from two separate servers on one install with just one piwik?

can I do this by simply adding the tracking code to the new domain and wordpress plugin install?

Bump! I guess this could count a support. didn’t get any help over in general questions. can someone assist me? thanks!

Hi, @Democratizeit,

Most people here on the community forum are helping voluntarily and are working full time or or studying (like me), so it sometimes can take a bit until someone has some free time to spend.

To answer your question:
The piwik instance is independent of the page that will be tracked and one Piwik instance can track an unlimited amount of websites.
Just pay attention to HTTPS (ideally both should have it set up)

thank you!

so all i need on the other installation is the piwik wp install and the tracking code?


Exactly, that should be all you need to do.