Heatmaps show blank screenshots

I am experiencing issues with Heatmap and session recording plugin as it doesn’t seem to fetch screenshots properly. What I see is a blank white page with a few dots sometimes. I have also updated the code and placed the disable command just after I set siteid and enable command after $(document).ready in my website. Though still it shows a blank page.

Hi @sanketmraut ? Can you use inspect element and check if there is some error under the console tab on heatmap page? I also faced similar issue but I was to find the actual issue from console tab.

Hi there,

When viewing the heatmap can you check the web console for any errors? Does the network tab show any missing resources?


I checked. There are no errors as such. However, the heatmaps worked with few other sites perfectly. The site with which it doesn’t work has been hosted on opencms. Any ideas what might be the issue?

If the heatmap had worked previously please delete the screenshot and visit the page again. If it has never worked please reach out to shop@innocraft.com to troubleshoot further.


Isn’t is a problemen of HTTP vs HTTPS?
e.g. Matomo on HTTPS and website (or its CSS resources) on HTTP that would not be displayed on an HTTPS page… ?