Heatmaps and CSP

Hi. I have got some troubles with heatmaps and session recording.
Heatmaps can’t take screenshot which is signalized by similar message.

As text says it does take user actions but can not take any screenshot. And I am kinda sure I’ve set correct url,

in another example it looks like this
… (I am sorry but I can only put one screenshot)

not to mention that session recording does not work at all.

What I suppose the issue is the Content-Security-Policy headers.
This is a screenshot from inspector from page that is tracked.

Marked error means: content security policy the page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at …

I am not very familiar with CSP, what should I allow to load in my CSP headers? Is this the reason it does not do screenshots / session recording?

Hi there,

To troubleshoot the issue in depth it would be great if you could send the URL of the webpage with the heatmap. -> Please email this to shop@innocraft.com.

Have a look at this FAQ regarding CSP Is the Piwik JavaScript Tracker CSP (Content Security Policy) compatible and how do I set it up? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks for getting in touch, we look forward to your email.