Heatmap & Session Recording not compatible with Matomo 3.8.0?

When installing Heatmap & Session Recording plugin we get message that it’s not compatible with Matomo 3.8.0 This issue is not mentioned anywhere on site.

I guess, someone missed pressing the button there. Does this issue still exist?

Still not working. We tried it on differnt servers. Each time same result

//cc @Lukas @matthieu @thomas_matomo

It should definitely be compatible @Jona_Burgdorffer

Could you email us at shop (at) innocraft.com about this? Can you maybe also double check that a license key is entered for the plugin in “Admin => Marketplace”?

Hi Thomas,

you were right. The developer had not entered key correctly. Txs.

Ps. Might be useful to tweak error message in this case.

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