[Heatmap & Session Recording] How to Get Unlimited Recordings Setting

Matomo has been great so far! We just purchased the Heatmap and Session Recording plugin.

This support page mentions there is the possibility to do unlimited recordings: https://matomo.org/faq/heatmap-session-recording/faq_25391/

I was able to edit the config file to add a new option.

However, when I go to select the new option in the dashboard it gives this error:

“Sample Limit” is too high, maximum allowed value is 1000000.

Question 1) What should I do in order to activate unlimited recording option?

Question 2) When replaying recordings we have noticed that we need to click to view the next pageview in a session, is there a way to have it play the entire session automatically?

Thanks so much!

Hi @andrew_knight-int,

Could you please contact our support team at shop@innocraft.com.