Heatmap screen image of the pages is broken

(David) #1


Hello, the screen image of the pages is broken. It seems that the styles are broken.

Why and how solve this please ?

My server : Nginx+FPM+php 7.1
My website : Wordpress, BeaverBuilder Theme, BeaverBuilder Themer and BeaverBuilder plugin

Cache : WP-Rocket, and ON or OFF… the problem is still there.


(Lukas Winkler) #2


Do you see any errors on the console of the browsers developer tools?

(David) #3

Ok on the console of the browsers developper tools. See (url remove myself)


We just did a heatmap test with the website you mentioned and it looks all good in our heatmap. Is it maybe possible that you are maybe using Piwik over HTTP and the website in only available via HTTPS? Could you try to access Piwik over HTTPS as well?

(David) #5

All https (website and Piwik Cloud (#######.innocraft.cloud))

The first catch still looks good, but it changes soon after (a little as if the css were broken)

See 2 pictures (url remove myself)


Hi David,

it is indeed not loading two CSS files see What can I do if the heatmap or session recording is not styled and CSS or font icons seem missing? - Analytics Platform - Piwik

In the recorded heatmap, it is trying to load a CSS file (bb-theme/skin-59f995788c516.css?ver=1.6.2) which does not exist anymore on your server as it is now bb-theme/skin-59fa4492a46a1.css?ver=1.6.2. Basically, your website was recorded, then the CSS file was deleted, and now it is still trying to load the old stylesheet. When a heatmap is recored, the HTML of your website is being recorded and stored in Piwik but not all the stylesheets, they are still loaded from your server.

Is there any chance that you can restore the old stylesheet on your server?

(David) #7

OK I understand.

“Is there any chance that you can restore the old stylesheet on your server?” : No, because Beaver Builder does this automatically as soon as there is a change to a layouts.

I will delete all records and resume from scratch. I will not make any changes and we will see what happens.

I will come back here to give the results.

Thanks Thomas ! :wink:

(David) #8

It’s OK. But… Scoring top different to bottom scoring : see pictures

Top :

Bottom :


Hi David, the pictures seem to be not working anymore but we were able to notice the issue that the last section of the scrollmap was sometimes drawn quite small and barely noticeable. We have fixed this issue now. Could you please check if it works for you?

(David) #11

Perfect ! Great. Good job Thomas !

(Lisa V) #12

Our Heatmap screen image is also broken because we change our css files every two weeks and then the name changes too. Is it possible to reload a new css file in any way?Maybe by editing files or databases on our Matomo server?

(Jason) #13

Hi Lisa,

You can reset the heatmap by using the following SQL:

update piwik_site_hsr set page_treemirror = null, screenshot_url = null where idsitehsr = $IDofHeatmap