Heatmap plugin, screenshot is not scrollable

I’m using the heatmap premium plugin and I’m facing an annoying issue.
I want to analyze users behaviour on my mobile version landing page.
My page is long enough to not fit in the iframe height, so a scrollbar is added.
Problem is that plugin adds the heatmap image on top of iframe which makes iframe unscrollable.
It’s very annoying because I just can’t analyze heatmap bottom.
Can someone give me a workaround or a fix please ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

PS: I’ve already contacted matomo support through form last week.

Hi Nicolas,

You can force the height of the heatmap using a custom class.

.matomoHsr .yourElement { min- height: 2000px }

Please use the .matomoHsr in conjunction with your element that has 100% height. You will need to recapture the screenshot after your have made this change.