Heatmap of a page with login

We would like to create and use a heatmap for a page that is behind a login. Can you give us some tip on how this can be solved?

First there is a login page where users need to log in. Then they reach a startpage, and it is this startpage that we want the heatmap to show.

As it works now (out ot the box), the screenshot of the heatmap is without CSS and mostly white:

I guess we have to make some adjustments, but what? Any tips?
Grateful for any help!
Best regards,

Hi @E111 We do have this guide that might be able to fix this issue. Kindly check on this link https://matomo.org/faq/heatmap-session-recording/faq_24272/

Please let us know how it goes after trying the troubleshooting steps.

Hi and thanks! We will check it out! :grinning: