Heatmap not fully loading. Assistance needed

I am trialing your software for a client and so far it’s rather good, but we are running into an issue. I reviewed my heatmaps and found that some of the images in the screenshot weren’t fully loaded.

It seems to be due to the caching plugin on the WordPress website I run.

I reviewed your support documents and this one seemed like a solution to my issue:

However, this support article is very unclear about exactly what to do.

So my questions are this:

a. Where do we add this for our client?

b. How?

c. Click tracking in the session recording feature allows for a delay (e.g. only start after 5 seconds of load) doesn’t heatmap have something similar? If not, why not?

Hi @setupandsell ,

Please get in touch with our support team at shop@innocraft.com

I got one reply by email, but when I replied again for further clarification I got nothing back. Also not sure why i’d need to move to email anyway. Why can’t we talk here, it might help others with the same problem and keeps support accountable. @karthik

Hi @setupandsell,

Upon checking, we can see that the support team has replied to your request.

I requested you to contact the support team, as it is related to a premium feature, it would be better to get in touch with the Support team to get a quicker reply and it is the efficient way to get the support for premium features.