Heatmap for specific url path with a hashtag

I have a path in my website beginning with a /#/ and I’d like to create a heatmap of it. However, the regex /#/.+ does not match my path in matomo. When testing in regex 101 I have a match.

Anyone know why this happens?

Is it related to the site definition in Matomo? (see Keep Page URL fragments when tracking Page URLs parameter)

This shouldn’t be related to the site definition, as the # sign is not for fragmenting, but rather a proper part of the path (for example, my path can be /#/user7).

If you configure Matomo to ignore URL fragments, then URL fragments will always be ignored (for the sites where this has been configured).
Then you won’t be able to catch anything on the URL fragment (because it has been removed).

That’s not true:
Try to go to https://www.google.com/search/#/user7?p1=pA#p2 , then open your browser console and type:


The result will be: #/user7?p1=pA#p2

The whole location value...
  "href": "https://www.google.com/search/#/user7?p1=pA#p2",
  "protocol": "https:",
  "host": "www.google.com",
  "hostname": "www.google.com",
  "port": "",
  "pathname": "/search/",
  "search": "",
  "hash": "#/user7?p1=pA#p2"