Heatmap for popup

Hello, Matomo Community.

Is there a solution to create heatmaps for tracking popups?

To be more specific, when a visitor clicks the “Create an account” button which is placed in the header of the site, a popup appears on the screen as an overlay over the current page.
I’m interested in creating a heatmap to track the interaction with the popup.
The heatmap should aggregate the clicks and scrolling on the popup across all the pages of the site.

Currently, when creating a heatmap, you can only apply a condition related to Page targeting: URL / Path / URL Parameter.

These were my first thoughts towards potential solutions:
S1: Define a parameter URL that should be added to the URL of the page where the popup is triggered when the Join button is clicked (EG: Parameter popup=join).
S2: Find a way to use the CSS Selector of the popup in correlation with the heatmap.


Hi @JohnB
As you use a premium plugin (heatmap), I move this topic to Premium plugin category
I suggest you reach the support team: support at matomo dot org

Hi @JohnB can you confirm how the pop up is triggered? Is it within an iframe?