Heatmap for popup

Hello, Matomo Community.

Is there a solution to create heatmaps for tracking popups?

To be more specific, when a visitor clicks the “Create an account” button which is placed in the header of the site, a popup appears on the screen as an overlay over the current page.
I’m interested in creating a heatmap to track the interaction with the popup.
The heatmap should aggregate the clicks and scrolling on the popup across all the pages of the site.

Currently, when creating a heatmap, you can only apply a condition related to Page targeting: URL / Path / URL Parameter.

These were my first thoughts towards potential solutions:
S1: Define a parameter URL that should be added to the URL of the page where the popup is triggered when the Join button is clicked (EG: Parameter popup=join).
S2: Find a way to use the CSS Selector of the popup in correlation with the heatmap.


Hi @JohnB
As you use a premium plugin (heatmap), I move this topic to Premium plugin category
I suggest you reach the support team: support at matomo dot org

Hi @JohnB can you confirm how the pop up is triggered? Is it within an iframe?

Hi @V.K
No iframe. It’s just dynamically loaded into the page via JS.

We decided to manually initialize a heatmap session recording in code, e.g., when setting up the “Create an account” modal (see link below).

However, if there is an alternative solution it would help sharing it, for further projects.

Thanks and appreciate!

Hi @JohnB ,

Heatmap does record popup and it is confirmed during our test, could you please send a request to shop@matomo.org and share your website URL, so that we can investigate further.