Heart Beat Timer mixed up the time closed and reopen time

Hi, I am using matomo in wordpress, but actually i also have some experience using the matomo4-beta, when I enable the heart beat timer, yes. It definitely solve the issue by tracking the last spending time.
But the problem is:

  1. Let say that when I close the website, but then after several minutes, I reopen the website, the last spent time will mix up together with the reopen time.
    Let me give you an example with a single page site
    let say that the user close website A and the last page spending time is 10 second, but after 1 minute, the user reopen the website again, then when he close again, we will have new last page spending time right? But how about the previous one? it will mix up together with the reopen time which the time spent become 1min10s.
    Can anyone give me solution please? thank you so much

Hi @Pang_wang_tien could you maybe clarify what you refer to when you mean “last page spending time” and where you see this metric? Generally, the heart beat timer does not update the time spent on the last page. It only updates the overall visit time. So far I’m thinking this might be expected behaviour.

Hmmm,but for me it will. For example, after i closed my website it will generate the time spending on the last page, which is last action tab

Sir, then do you know how to solve it? to show the last page spending time using matomo

Could you let me know where exactly you see the time spent on the last page? In which report? I will then try to have a look and reproduce.

I think it should be this one
It says push the enable heartbeat timer, then it should work, well, for my case, it works even that mine is matomo in wordpress. But the problem also happened

Hi @Pang_wang_tien sorry I don’t understand exactly what you refer to. The page talks about customising page name. Where do you see this data in the Matomo reporting UI with the 10 seconds and then 1min 10s?