Having trouble creating database for matomo installation


I’m having difficulties with the database step3 installing matomo onto my website.

Here is the screenshot of the error message:

I’ve tried many combinations of Table Prefix, Database server - localhost, Adapter option but it keeps coming up with the error message.

Not sure if you need other info.

Can you help with this please?


Are you able to connect to this database using any other software?
e.g. using something like mysql -u mysql_user -p --port 3306 -h

Not sure what you mean - what type of other software?


I meant: Can you connect to the MySQL server using a MySQL client?
Just to make sure that the username and password are correct.

Maybe check your PHP or Webserver error log for the exact error that occurs.

Sorry what is a MYSQL client? Can it be another website I already have?

Try DBeaver Community | Free Universal Database Tool

thank you for that! Will give it a go.